Family Counseling

Family Counseling Columbus

 Whether a child, teen, adult, senior, or couple you are part of a system of relationships. Even if those relationships are strained or broken, you belong to a family.  At Foundations Family Counseling, we recognize that these relationships play some of the most important and influential roles in your life. For mothers and fathers, we help with parenting and parenting skills including relating, setting effective limits, and working as an effective team with your partner.  We also help adults better understand and relate with their aging parents, who often struggle with isolation as they lose spouses and friends and face increasing time with retirement but diminished ability to do activities.

Family Therapists Columbus

 ​Family Therapy is often a critical aspect of any treatment.  Even one or two meetings with family members during the course of treatment can play a vital role in finding success and stability in an individual’s life.  With family therapy, we are able to help family members clarify roles, practice important skills, and safely resolve past hurts.

 ​Foundations Family Counseling uses a family systems model of treatment.  This means that even when meeting with an individual adult or child, we always consider ways that the individual’s relationships are influencing them.  We work with individual’s to improve and develop their lives and acheive their goals, yet we always remember that the relationships in their lives play a vital role.  Changing the individual means changing these relationships. Sometimes changing their relationships can be an important way of changing the individual.